Reaching Students

​The fundamental goal of the FM:infuse network is to do everything within our means to express the Gospel message to the present generation of teenagers. We are encouraged that as our youth culture gravitates closer and closer to a social justice mindset, this welcomes them into the existing story of Free Methodism which seeks to promote many of the same privileges among people. Our story of repentance, surrender, sacrifice, and purpose can carry a lot of weight among young people.



​We are excited for opportunities to cultivate the movement of teens towards Christ within the Free Methodist Church. There are many great things happening already throughout the country at conference youth camps, regional FM youth events, and even local church outreaches. Please feel free to approach the FM:infuse Leadership Core with your ideas or inquiries about how we can partner with with these great events.


​We are also excited to announce the relaunch of our denominational youth gathering, formerly known as International Youth Conference (IYC). Our new event, Free Methodist Youth Conference (FMYC), will once again provide an opportunity for students from across the country to unite under the banner of Christ and the mission of the Free Methodist Church. FMYC 2014, entitled “There and Back Again”, will take place in Ft. Collins, Colorado at Colorado State University from July 5-10th, 2014.
​We are also working alongside our World Missions department to transform the way we think about youth missions trips. We are gearing towards an incredible Youth Missions Summit held in conjunction with General Conference in Orlando, Florida in the Summer of 2015. This unique opportunity will help to awaken a culture of missional living within your students unlike anything we have previously provided.

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