Networking Ministries

​The job of networking within any organization is never completed. This is the most organic and undefinable portion of what we do. With nearly 1000 Free Methodist churches across the country, it is difficult to maintain a level of connectedness from one church to another. At the same time, when done well, networking ministries can be a powerful aid in multiplying the effectiveness that a youth worker has upon their local church setting.


The FM:infuse Leadership Core is making a concerted effort to be an “on the ground” presence to help establish a connection with youth workers. We seek to be present at every single Annual Conference possible for us during this calendar year. We want to be available at our booth for simple introductions, to listen to concerns, to answer questions, and to distribute information. We believe that this grass roots effort will go a long way in helping to establish the personal connections needed to sustain our usefulness.


​Additionally we encourage anyone working with youth to get connected to our FM:infuse Facebook page ( This is a great platform for staying informed, receiving ideas, or sharing ideas.​


Another great way to connect with youth ministry through the Free Methodist denomination is through our national Bible Quizzing ministry! This is a very well-established and organized ministry that runs throughout the year. Free Methodist Bible Quizzing has its own website we would encourage you to get connected with as well. Check out for the latest happenings in this ministry!


We are also currently developing a curriculum in association with Youth Ministry Architects that is geared towards helping create sustainable youth ministry in small church settings. Our plan is to develop regional training sites across the country for FM churches of 150 people or less to be given practical assistance in growing and maintaining youth ministry within their church. The program could begin as early as fall 2013.

Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!