Developing Leaders

We recognize that within the youth ministry of the Free Methodist church are a number of tremendous leaders.   And since the nature of our denomination is one that establishes ministry locations in a variety of economic, cultural, and geographic settings, we also understand that one of our greatest assets is a pool of youth workers with unique giftedness in areas of ministry that may be drastically different from one another.  Our goal is to help identify, engage, and maximize the ministry strengths present in the vast number of youth workers, both paid and volunteer, across the country.


​In order to do this well, we need a system that will take into account the vast turnover and ever-changing climate of youth ministry volunteers and professionals.  At the center of ourFM:infuse network is a Leadership Core.  This group of individuals is selected to maintain the connectivity and functionality of the group.  Each member of the Leadership Core must be actively involved in full-time youth ministry and available to assist the further development of the FM:infusenetwork.   As terms expire new youth workers are brought into the service of the Leadership Core to offer their own distinctive leadership skills.


​The next level developing leadership happens at the conference level.  Through the support and oversight of conference superintendents, we attempt to pinpoint specific individuals within each conference who have the skills and availability to help the network at the conference level.  These conference liaisons are appointed each year (mostly by election at annual conference) to be a catalyst for youth ministry within the conference.   Once a year, the FM:infuse network provides a Leadership Summit with these liaisons to further nurture growth and wisdom.    Our 2013 event is being held April 22-25 in Fort Collins, CO.


​The most exciting thing about this system is that constantly new leaders are emerging from various regions of the countrywho are excited and passionate about increasing the effectiveness of our youth ministry efforts.

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